MHPC provides MBGH members special access to a suite of health benefit services that assist them in supporting employees and their families to improve their health. These services are provided by endorsed vendors and highlight key offerings that promote engagement and informed health care decision-making. Due to the special agreements for these services, members can gain access to lower costs, better services and more information from these contracted vendors than most firms could receive from individual agreements. 

You’re invited to take advantage of these opportunities. For more information, contact Judy Hearn at jhearn@mbgh.org

MHPC health benefit services include:

Wellness Vendor Search


MBGH has partnered with Shortlister to provide an affordable alternative to conducting market searches for wellness vendors. Explore comparable vendors to determine if an alternative option can provide more value at a lower cost. Describe your budget, population demographics and unique program goals to see the vendor options that could match your needs. Describe the “pain points” or limitations of your current vendor to identify alternative options that excel in those areas. Or explore the specialty vendors that can integrate with your current primary vendor and have a core competency in your desired focus area.

Transparency Services


Today, most employers are now offering high deductible health plans and promoting the importance of employees in all types of plans making their own decisions on where and when to get medical services. In order for this strategy to be most effective, workers need access to decision-making tools that guide their choices on where to get comparison information on the cost and quality of a number of prescribed services including medical, surgical, lab and drugs. For employers with multiple plans or who want customized transparency tools, a third-party resource can be a more objective choice than tools offered by individual health plans. Find out more about our transparency vendor Compass Healthcare Navigation Solutions.

Transforming Pharmacy Benefits


EmployeRxEvolution connects benefits purchasers with unbiased leading experts to help them clearly define and optimize PBM contracts to achieve transparency, flexibility and outcomes at the lowest unit drug cost. By clarifying PBM roles, responsibilities and removing functions that allow for misaligned incentives, employers can ensure they are meeting their fiduciary responsibilities. Additional savings are achieved by pulling more levers overtime to improve outcomes and increase savings.