Employers must adapt quickly to keep up with the evolving world of employee health benefits. Ongoing disruption in health care and changes to employees’ needs, the health care marketplace and legal requirements all require a nimble response from employers. It’s never been more important for employers to recognize their role as fiduciaries and prudent purchasers of health care – from getting and using data to complying with transparency requirements and paying for ONLY reasonable plan expenses.
In the ever-changing world of employee health benefits, employers must adapt quickly – but most of us don’t have time to keep up with the changing marketplace, employee needs and legal requirements. MBGH is here is help!


Message from the President

Are you looking for fresh, innovative and disruptive ideas to reinvigorate and reshape your organization’s health care benefits? Ready to be energized by leading fellow employers and industry experts? On the lookout for great networking and benchmarking with your colleagues and friends in health benefits management? Don’t miss MBGH’s 43rd Annual Conference where we have you covered! Key topics include ways employers can serve as a driving force for change in health care, benefits, transparency and removing waste in the system. This is our annual DO NOT MISS event - hope to see you there!

Attend the 2023 MBGH Annual Conference to:

  • Learn how to reshape your benefits to meet the needs of today’s changing workforce
  • Hear how best practices in price transparency efforts across the country are leading to better prices and how you can take advantage of these savings
  • Understand new legislation impacting employer sponsored health benefits, including what’s coming next and how to prepare
  • Identify ways to build a supportive and inclusive workplace culture that offers high-quality, equitable benefits and fosters a sense of belonging
  • Determine how high-cost claims for medical and pharmacy benefits will continue to impact your costs and how your role as fiduciary requires action
  • Understand how to integrate mental health benefits into your workforce wellbeing strategy to improve member outcomes and the bottom line