Midwest Health Purchasers Collaborative

Through the Midwest Health Purchasers Collaborative (MHPC), MBGH members have access to a suite of health benefit services at reduced and competitive prices. Each of our endorsed partners offers a unique set of services. Some offer online and mobile decision-making tools while others provide high-touch engagement strategies, condition management programs, contract optimization consulting and/or communications support. These best-in-class vendors provide employers with customized solutions to fit their company’s overall population health engagement strategy.

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Preferred Partners

  • Carrum Health

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    A value-based Centers of Excellence platform solving the problems with surgical care by negotiating directly with world-class providers to bundle all the services a patient needs into one, upfront payment. Our bundles save employers up to 45% and ensure patients get the most appropriate care with no medical bills. Industry-leading technology makes Carrum effortless to implement and our mobile app and Care Specialists guide patients throughout the surgery process, so getting the right care is easier for everyone.

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  • DayTwo

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    DayTwo uses Food As Medicine to enable a path to remission for Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. This unique solution is delivered through registered dietitians, diabetes educators, and doctors via tele-health. A gut profile lab test is used to develop a personalized nutrition plan and progress is tracked through a mobile app. A1C and Time In Range are the primary clinical outcomes; weight is a secondary outcome measure. DayTwo offers up to 100% fees-at-risk to employers.

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  • Employers Health

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    Employers Health leverages its purchasing power, more than $3 billion in annual pharmacy spend, to help clients deliver access to high-quality employee health benefits at a sustainable cost. By engaging with best-in-class suppliers and having an objective opinion separate from the suppliers – CVS Caremark and Optum Rx – the Employers Health PBM program provides market-leading pricing and terms, while protecting each plan’s unique features.

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  • Inspera Health

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    Inspera Health focuses on one specific and unique population, those with five or more chronic conditions. For this high risk, high cost population, an integrated approach is needed for sustained health management success. Over 80% of program participants are still actively engaged at 12 months – Inspera Health provides a client guarantee that participants will achieve a 30% health improvement with their personalized, wholistic approach.

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  • RxResults


    Provides evidence-based pharmacy risk management through their proven model of analysis, implementation, and measuring results. Evidence-based pharmacy risk management directly meets the challenge of ensuring access to medications proven safe and effective while providing cost control.

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  • Shortlister

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    MBGH has partnered with Shortlister to provide an affordable alternative to conducting market searches for wellness, HR tech and benefits services. Explore comparable vendors to determine if an alternative option can provide more value at a lower cost. Describe your budget, population demographics and unique program goals to see the vendor options that could match your needs. Describe the “pain points” or limitations of your current vendor to identify alternative options that excel in those areas. Or explore the specialty vendors that can integrate with your current primary vendor and have a core competency in your desired focus area.

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