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The Most Cost-Effective Option for Conducting Market Searches

MBGH has partnered with Shortlister to provide an affordable solution for conducting market searches & RFPs in the Wellness, HR Tech and Benefits Space. Identify the “shortlist” of vendor options that fit your budget and capability requirements.

Description Of Service

Shortlister’s technology is used by top benefit consultants, health plans and savvy employers to ensure they complete a thorough evaluation of the vendor landscape when issuing RFPs. From a comprehensive library of over 6,500 RFI questions to a community of other employers you can connect with to view ratings/reviews on vendors you’re considering, you’ll have access to the information and support needed to ensure you select the best vendor for your needs.



Vendors available in Shortlister


Largest database of unbiased & objective information on vendors in the benefits and insurance space

Lives sent to RFP

25 M

in 2023

Ratings & Reviews

Access to unbiased ratings & reviews of vendor performance from employers and consultants

Pre-negotiated Discounts

Pre-negotiated discounts available from most of the top well-being vendors


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