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The Problem We Address

DayTwo is a microbiome-based precision health company committed to creating individualized solutions for the epidemic of chronic conditions, starting with diabetes, prediabetes, and clinical obesity.

Description Of Service

Using the highest resolution microbiome analysis available and a unique machine learning-based algorithm, DayTwo can accurately predict blood sugar response to foods or food combinations– before people even take a bite. Our clinically proven approach is based on our proprietary microbiome dataset. With virtual care provided by Registered Dietitians and health guides, members receive ongoing support with changing their dietary habits, making it easier for them to stick with the program.



T2 Diabetes Cost Reduction


Savings of up to $5,000 PPPY

A1C Impact



Time in Range


Increase improvement of Time in Range between 70 - 180 mg/dl

Sustainable Impact


Retention after 1 year


Improving Outcomes: A path to Metabolic Disease Remission with Precision Medicine & Nutrition


Supporting Documents

Food as Medicine is 2x more effective at lowering A1C. DayTwo uses Food as Medicine based on gut microbiome profiling to reduce health care costs and enable a path to remission for your employees.

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